The International Conference 2016

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We invite you to participate in the:


I International Scientific and Practical Conference "Continuing professional education in the context of socio-cultural and educational transformations".

The event is organized GBEI "Institute of additional professional education (training) of specialists and socio-cultural sphere of art" (Kazan)

      To participate in the conference are invited: heads and experts of educational centers of culture and art, and other educational institutions offering professional training and retraining of specialists in the sphere of culture and teachers of art education; specialists of cultural management at the federal, regional and municipal levels; managers and specialists of cultural institutions (clubs, libraries, museums, theaters, etc.); teachers of educational institutions of higher and secondary vocational education sector and children's art schools (in areas), as well as all stakeholders in the discussion of the problems identified.

The Conference will be held in 19 April 2016.

The purpose of the conference: the definition of current trends, problems and ways of development of DPO continuing professional education in the sphere of culture and art of Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation and Europe.

Key issues for discussion at the conference:

• Continuing professional education specialists and socio-cultural sphere of art as the most important factor in the development of innovative potential of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation and Europe.

• Current trends and prospects for the development of additional professional education in the socio-cultural sphere.

• The problem of improving the quality of additional vocational training in the field of culture and art

• Modern educational technologies.

• Competencies and education: models, methods, technologies.

• Psycho-pedagogical support of personal development in a professional environment.

• Innovative approaches and technologies in additional professional education.

• The content of the basic principles, goals and objectives of personnel policy in the sphere of additional education specialists in the sphere of culture and art.

• Experience of additional education on retraining and upgrading skills of workers of culture and art.

• Problems of Regulatory support the activities of institutions additional professional education.

• Scientific and methodological and staffing agencies socio-cultural sphere.

A topic of the conference is not limited to the proposed list of questions and can be completed.

Official language - Russian. For English speakers will offer a translator for speech.

Regulation: the length of speeches reports - 20 minutes, when discussing the report, 10min. Participation in the conference - free of charge. Travel and accommodation costs are not paid.

The deadline for submitting applications indicating the reports and theses - before March 20, 2016.

Official personal invitation to the conference will be sent on request. Second announcement with the preliminary program will be sent upon confirmation of participation by the Organizing Committee.

Presentation material for the conference. To participate in the conference should be submitted to the Program Committee of the abstracts and application for participation.

Materials are placed in the following order:

• On the first line in capital letters indicate the name of the report (bold italic, size 16, all caps, centered);

• A line - surname and initials of the author (bold italic, size 14, right justified);

• A line - a position, full name, location (bold italic, size 14, right justified);

• Further through the main line of printed text of the report;

• Numbered list of references is placed at the end of a source reference is made in square brackets, the pages are not numbered.

Sectional messages are accepted up to 2 pages, plenary lectures (only in coordination with the Organizing Committee) to 12 pages. The volume includes abstracts cited author tables, figures and references.

A title: the subject - in capital (uppercase) letters, below the line - the names and initials of the author (authors), the line below - full name, city, country (for participants not from Russia). After the text of abstracts can be placed for contact information (address, tel., E-mail). Tables and other graphical material to be formed as an image (extension jpg).

Making applications. Shall include: surname, first name, middle name (in full), nationality, academic degree, academic rank, represented by the author (coauthors) organization, position, contact for communications (office or home: full postal address, phone number with area code, fax, e-mail ), the area of scientific interest.

Preparation of materials by e-mail will be confirmed by the Program Committee. The conference organizing committee reserves the right to reject bids that do not meet the conference topics, as well as edit submitted materials during their preparation for publication. The collection will include materials selected by the Organizing Committee. Submissions made up not in form, and sent by fax or by mail on paper will not be accepted. Publication of selected materials free of charge.

Organizing Committee:

420021, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, ul.Tukaya, 74A. Institute of additional professional education (training) of specialists and socio-cultural sphere of art.


Coordinator: Gogleva Ekaterina Borisovna  Tel: (843) 293-58-42.

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